“Timely and Powerful Message”

I do not think there is a more timely or powerful message that this one. Mr. Fairbanks' presentation, delivery and sense of humor rivals other professionals on the speaking circuit. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together and look forward to seeing his name in lights. 

— A.C.

“This Message Needs To Be Heard!”

America is in a crisis of Trust and your "Principles of Good Business" and the "Power of Association" are notably the most needed topics for our world today. Keep up the good work, because this message needs to be heard. 

— H.B.

A co-worker told me about your seminar at the LDS employment office. His glowing report made me even more disappointed that I had not previously known about the event. Trust me when I say that the Entrepreneurial Mindset and your wisdom are unforgettable.

— T.H.


“Everyone's Brain Was In Full Think Mode.”

Thanks again for everything you said last evening and the previous time in the workshop at LDS Employment Services. I believe, each time you speak, everyone's brain in full think mode.

— N.V.

“Going Behind The Curtain.”

Thank you for the time spent with us in your two presentations about Self Employment.  I enjoyed your honesty and candor. I gained great insights into the business world, and the things that really "go behind the curtain," which explain how things really work. 

— M.D.

“Stages of Change.”

You eloquently described the stages of change. Mockery, of those who dislike the status quo and actively rock the boat, is the kind of response that usually comes from those closest to us and who have some sort of vested interest in avoiding the upheaval associated with change. It is a shame to realize how many good ideas are left by the wayside simply because "the dreamer" was not able to stand up to opposition. 

— R.F.

“Stumbled Upon Something”

I actually found this quite interesting. A few parts went somewhat over even my head, but the examples and history you provide are very solid. Your presentation style is fascinating and definitely something I was not expecting. I left knowing that you have "stumbled upon something" that could start the mental (and hopefully physical) wheels turning.

— T.S.